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Dawson Electromechanical Works

M/s Dawson Electromechanical Company established in 2004 providing a range of high-quality services at MEP construction field. The Company is offering professional services including Electrical, Mechanical at HVAC along with Plumbing and water Supply, Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting with Mechanical-House connection works to all over Dubai, at United Arab Emirates. the company designed and executed a value of more than 100 million AED in UAE.


Our core values of synergy, excellence and commitment have enabled us to fu­ll execution of numerous projects in compliance of standard procedures and policies. Being an outstanding part of the national companies in UAE, it was necessary and create indispensable sub divisions which is illustrated on the profile self. M/s Dawson additionally provides business solutions and services in field of maintenance, which has the ability to conduct several Levels of Services such like (Strategic Advice, Professional Services, Management Services and Service Delivery). 

100 +

Projects Completed

20 +

Years Experience

Our Vision

M/s Dawson MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Electromechanical company, aiming to be a leading and reliable player not only in the UAE but also worldwide. Our emphasis on delivering the utmost quality and satisfaction indicates a commitment to excellence and customer-centric services.

Our company is given the growing emphasis on sustainability in construction and MEP services, consider integrating environmentally friendly practices into your projects. This can enhance your reputation and attract clients who prioritize sustainable solutions.

Our Mission

MEP mission statement clearly outlines the key elements that contribute to the reliability of Electromechanical. It emphasizes customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of our business strategy, with a focus on several crucial aspects. Here are some points to consider for each component of our MEP mission statement:

1. Repeat and Referral Business

2. Customer Satisfaction

3. Perfect Finishing

4. Timeliness

5. Safety

6. Environmental compliance

By consistently delivering on the principles outlined in our mission statement, we can build a strong reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

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